Identifying the inflection points to bend the curve.

In the 1400s,  Puerto Rico was given the name “rich port,” thanks to its abundance of natural resources, strategic geographic location, rich forestry, and the gold in its rivers. Today, due to mainstream headlines focusing primarily on how the U.S. territory is addressing natural disasters and corruption, the island has been widely viewed as a struggling tourism destination and tax haven. In the same vein, because necessity breeds innovation, entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico have an unprecedented understanding of the circular economy—specifically energy, water, agriculture, and disaster resiliency. With solutions ripe for being replicated globally, Puerto Rico is reclaiming its title as the “rich port” it has always been – an international trading post. 


To help foster agricultural sovereignty for Puerto Rico, Delphic Ventures supports and develops sustainable agriculture projects explicitly focused on agroforestry, reforestation, and ag-related technologies such as bio-stimulants and bioremediation solutions.


Because natural disasters have revealed Puerto Rico’s dependency on micro-grids, Delphic Ventures actively pursues implementing decentralized, renewable, and resilient energy systems across the island. With solutions ranging from project development, data-driven energy management, infrastructure asset management to the relocation of distributed energy manufacturing to Puerto Rico. 


Driven by a growing demand for software solutions for small and medium enterprises, Delphic Ventures works with B2B products and services creators to drive digital transformation in Puerto Rico. Delphic highly values data privacy and efficiencies for both businesses and consumers.